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Vaishali Chandorkar

In Indian society, widow re-marriage is still a taboo subject in many households. However, when it came to Vaishali, it wasn’t just her mother who had urged her to think about marrying again but also her father-in-law (her first’s husband father) who took it upon himself to make sure she didn’t hold back when it came to her life. She decided to give marriage another chance; but not without terms attached. When Vaishali Chandorkar Chitale first met her now-husband Prashant, she didn’t think a wedding would ever be on the cards for her. She had, after all, already lost her first husband, an Indian army man, and had committed herself to raising her children on her own. Her late husband was, in her words, the ‘love of her life’, and she didn’t think she would ever find someone like him again.